table and chairs for the little man

The time has come. Our little man has graduated from playing on his foam mat, to wanting to sit at the table like a big boy. Sigh…at 18 months he’s so grown up.  So I’ve started thinking about the next addition to his bedroom – a table and chair set for him to play at and get all creative.  I’ve done a fair bit of web browsing and have concluded that there is quite the range in terms of what you can spend. Luckily, the furniture is cute at all price points!

This first set has fun and modern lines, is handmade, and customizable:

[Available on Etsy for $270.00 USD by Jesse Dirk. You can choose the colours and stain!]

I love the colour and shape of the next table + chair set, but unfortunately the price is not as attractive:

[by notNeutral, $499.00 CDN at Modern Karibou]

The next is a modern little bench set with chalkboard-top and the one I’m leaning towards:

[P’Kolino chalk table with reversible top. Available in Canada at Ella & Elliott for $119.00 and in the US, at for $79.99]

Then of course, there is always IKEA:

[LATT table + 2 chairs for only $24.99]

There is no need for this ultra-affordable set look so plain and IKEA’ish – -check out this great DIY’d version from the The Happy Home:

So which set would you choose for your little one?

4 thoughts on “table and chairs for the little man

  1. Andrew

    The first one from Etsy! The one you’re leaning towards is cute as well however the lack of seat backs might make it uncomfortable, and the artwork should be on the fridge, not an erasable chalk board! haha

  2. Andrew T

    The one linked reminds me of the IKEA ones. I like the bench one better. You also bring up a valid point about tipping. The arch in the seat back on #1 may help prevent that. Either way, they are all cute! Happy shopping!

  3. Sarah

    Very cute designs! I know that my parents still have the ikea table that they bought when Doug and I were toddlers. I love the look of the etsy set.

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