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This weekend we finally went into our storage locker to pull out 4 Rubbermaid bins of Christmas decor. After digging through our collection, I decided on what would be appropriate for Christmas with a toddler (think non-breakable, colourful, and fun).

In years past, we always had a large real tree that I decorated just so, but this year we went with a small, condo size 4-foot, pre-lit, artificial tree that will eventually become the “kids tree”. Since the lights are multi-coloured, I used a few strands of red and gold beaded garland and dug out all my bright ornaments, most of which are cloisonne teapots, balls, and fish, as well as a few ornaments from when I was a kid. Overall it looks nice.  Not really my style, but it’s festive and it’ll do for this year.

And for the little man, I purchaed a small potted Norkfolk Pine  for his room.  The soft branches really can’t hold any weight so I attached just three gold balls with thread.  And I have run out of pots, so I simply wrapped the pot with a brown paper bag.  It is very cute… kind of like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.  He is also in love with a small blow-up tree that he’s been carrying around like its a stuffed animal.

Christmas is just two weeks away!  Do you have your decorating done?


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