Timeless Design Tips: Black Walls

Today is installment #2 of my illustration of Canadian House & Home’s “Timeless Design Tips“. If you missed the recap on using bold colour in small spaces, click HERE. This was supposed to be a weekly series starting in November.  Whoops. It is a new year and I will try to post on a more regular basis!  Here we go.

“Black will make a wall recede into the distance. For a strikingly dramatic effect, use it with white trim”, (Norma King, Norma King Design, H&H October 1989)

I am taking a little liberty with this design tip, so rather than show you an array of different rooms, I’m sticking with the bedroom because there are some FANTASTIC black bedrooms out there.

Kudos to all those brave enough to swathe your walls in black. Gutsy but it pays off. Prime example: the gorgeous, sexy, masculine room of Nicole Cohen:

Even Martha does black! (left below). And loving the simplicity of J.Crew Creative Director’s  (Jenna Lyon) former bedroom (right below)… although on my screen the walls are looking more like a dark inky blue. Just pretend it’s black, ok?

More modern bedrooms with a black accent wall:

And keep in mind, black is not just for those with modern tastes, it can go traditional too:



Black walls are striking aren’t they?  Stylish in the ’80s and still going strong…



(images: 1-nicole cohen, 2-martha stewart, 3-jenna lyons via habitually chic, 4-nest instinctual interiors, 5-pinterest, 6- canadian house & home, 7-roco rennie , 8-the old painted cottage)

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