Things Get Messy After the Photoshoot

Believe me, my son’s bedroom never really looked this neat and clean. Photos you see in magazines, on websites, and on blogs are all styled and staged.  Remember that. None of us are perfect and if you’re not obsessively organized stuff tends to get in the way.

Though my son is good about cleaning up his toys (while singing “clean up, clean up, everybody clean up!” -amazing what they learn at daycare), toddlers have way too many toys and stuffed animals which seem to spontaneously multiply.  Last weekend we reached a tipping point with stuff -he started climbing out of his crib so we had to by a bed. Now we have toys, furniture, and more furniture in the room. I think it’s time to go back to the design drawing board and come up with a plan with A LOT more storage. See for yourself:

(excuse the grainy photo – clearly not a planned photoshoot)

On the bright side, isn’t his new owl-printed fleece blanket so cute? What a great addition to his owl themed nursery. If it wasn’t for all the mess you could see all his cute owl paraphernalia. This blanket was a gift from my Mom for his second birthday and it’s from Simons.

Hey Canadians, you know Simons right? I loved shopping there while I did my undergrad in Montreal and I just found out they do online ordering (free delivery on purchases of $50 or more!). In addition to a great selection of clothes, they have some really fun home decor items. Here are a few throws that caught my eye:

I couldn’t find the owl fleece blanket online anymore but be sure to check out the Simons website anyway!

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