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Have you ever stood in your local hardware or paint store with a zillion paint chips in your hand and been completely overwhelmed with the options?  Ever wish you could simply replicate a colour palette you had seen in a magazine, but you could only source the colour of the walls?  I know I have.

So I was very excited when I discovered this really cool online tool called Chip It!  This tool allows you to take any image on the internet and colour match it with Sherwin Williams collection of 1,500+ paint colours. It’s as simple as dragging the Chip It! button onto your browser tool bar, then dropping it over an image you love.  Two seconds later you have the Sherwin Williams paint matches.  Sounds interesting, right?

So here’s a photo I love from Canadian House and Home:

Gorgeous spring colours, right?  But what are those colours?  Hmmm…

I drag the Chip It! button over the image and I get this:

Awesome!  Let’s do it again with one of my own photos (our bedroom):

Drumroll please….


So here’s the thing – it is an online tool and there are only 1,500 SW colour matches so you may not get the absolute perfect match. In our bedroom, the duvet cover is really a mustard yellow and not exactly the muddy tan “Tea Chest”.  BUT I still like what the tool suggests, the palette is pleasing, and now I’m thinking that I should bring in a bit of a natural tone/texture into the bedroom to give it more of an organic feel.  See how useful this simple tool is?!

Check it out for yourself HERE – have fun!

2 thoughts on “Colour Matching – Chip It!

  1. Andrew T

    I’d like to see how it reacts to your bedroom shot in a sunfilled picture. Would be an interesting way to compare the results. Very cool tool!

  2. Dayna Post author

    It’s true – the amount of sunlight or the brightness of a picture will definitely affect the results. Not sure if you’ve ever tried the Benjamin Moor Colour Capture app – it is very sensitive to light too.
    With such a dark shad on our walls (BM Metropolis) I think the results will always be on the darker side of the spectrum. Just something to keep in mind when you use these tools!

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