Ochre’s Arctic Pear

OCHRE is a British based furniture, lighting, and accessory design company and they have the light I NEED.


The dining area in our new home is just begging for this lovely “Arctic Pear” chandelier.

via Pinterest and Elle Decor

via Elle Decor

I want to channel the look of Keri Russell’s laid-back but chic home but dang, the OCHRE¬† Arctic Pear is expensive! In the Toronto area, I sourced the OCHRE light at South Hill Home (for many, many more pennies than I have to spend), or I could get this Robert Abbey crystal drop fixture from Universal Lighting:

An excellent alternative I think.  Should I go for it?

4 thoughts on “Ochre’s Arctic Pear

  1. Nancy@marcusdesign

    Oh, I am crazy for it, I say YES!

    Dayna, thank you SOOO much for your comment, it meant the world to me. Particularly because you can really understand where I am coming from because of your husbands work. Academia is sooo tough! I am having a sliver of hope that my supervisor may be able to keep me in the lab until I find something else like your hubby did. I’ll definitely keep you posted. Thank you SO much for taking the time to comment and share similar struggles, it helps me to know I am not the only one. BIG hugs to you and a very happy weekend :)

    Nancy xo

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