Fairytales & EQ3

First off – hello!

I came across these whimsical fairytale prints a while ago and decided to share them with you today.  Because they are so cute. And so cool.  And I want one.

These prints are designed by Christian Jackson and are available at very reasonable prices via Image Kind in a variety of sizes.

I love how simple each print is, yet so perfectly representative of each fairytale.

In my mind, these posters are  perfect for adults who are young at heart and appreciative of good design.  Personally, I really want the Princess and the Pea poster. I love how the graphic stripes in muted colours draw your eyes down to the final pea and then you seen the title of the print and you think ” Aha! Clever.”

I also think any one of these prints (or more than one!) would be perfect in a nursery. Timeless. And will grow with your child.

For that reason I chose to include The Princess and the Pea print in a contest I just entered.

And here’s where I need your help: I need you to go Comment on my mood board because I would LOVE to win a $2,000 gift certificate from EQ3. The concept behind the contest was to design a mood board around your favourite EQ3 piece of furniture. I chose the modern  Karbon Swivel Chair whose style and function lend itself to an easy transition from nursing chair to living room chair.  A good, stylish investment.

So the EQ3 chair plus the Princess and the Pea print were my jumping off point for this mood board:

Soft, organic, and modern – yes?  Yes.  So please link over to Pinterest and leave a “Comment” (you need to have a Pinterest account – but who doesn’t these days?!)  Pretty please.  Our new house is looking empty and I could make very good use of a $2,000 gift certificate.

Go on now. Click here and leave a Comment.

Thank you!


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  1. Dayna Post author

    Adriane, thank you! Looking forward to BlogPodium and meeting you and others as well!

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