Around the House // Livingroom Beginnings

I’m nowhere near finished decorating our living room, but I think I’ve finally got the bones.


English roll arm sofa? Check. Interesting occasional tables? Check.


Clean lined coffee table? Check. Wool area rug? Check.

So what else is needed to complete this room?  Oh just a few things:

- floor lamp (thinking of this one)

- 1 or 2 chairs (already got one of these)

- upholstered bench

- antique dresser OR piano (both have been offered but not sure which one we’ll take)

- linen drapes with grosgrain trim OR hand blocked print on linen

- baskets for organizing magazines, blankets, etc

So many decisions to make but I’m in no rush.  To avoid looking like a furniture showroom by buying everything all at once from the same store (don’t do it!), this will be a labour of love and I will add pieces to the living room gradually as I find them.  A home should be a reflection of yourself, your family, and your life, so it should take time to collect things that hold significance for you and fit your style and functional needs.

For us, our living room is intended to be our “grown-up space” but it still needs to be kiddo-friendly. For that reason I am trying to mix high and low and balance style and functionality.  The roll-arm sofa for example, is a quality piece from Lee Industries and is a classic style that will last for many many years.  On the other hand, the wool rug was a steal of a deal at less than $200 (60% off plus free shipping) from Rugs USA, so I don’t need to stress over toddler spills and doggy messes. As for the rest of the room….I’ll keep you updated on the progress…


4 thoughts on “Around the House // Livingroom Beginnings

  1. DJ

    I’m loving how you put this room together. I had just decided on buying a English roll arm sofa with grey upholstery and was trying to get ideas for the rest of my living room makeover when I came across this site. I wanted something tranquil and cozy with some natural elements. This fits it to a T. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dayna Post author

    You will love your new sofa! The low arms make for a perfect nap :)
    I’m glad you found this post helpful. Happy decorating!

  3. Dee

    Where did you get your roll arm sofa? I have been looking at many and can’t seem to find one that isn’t overstuffed…. It’s beautiful – and great Color!

  4. Dayna Post author

    Dee – it’s a Lee Industries sofa but I purchased it at Cocoon in Oakville Ontario. You can also order Lee Industries products through Crate & Barrel. We’ve been really happy with it! Good luck finding your own!

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