A “Designer” Lego Tray

Does anyone else have a coffee table that looks like a Lego set (or ten) exploded all over it?

Messy Coffee Table

(P.S. This mess is just the beginning of a disaster, four more sets were yet to make an appearance)

This was definitely the scene around our house and it was driving me crazy!  Visual clutter gives me high blood pressure. Besides that, I started to worry about how I will keep all these little Lego pieces out of the hands of a baby, who in a few short months will be grabbing at everything and popping it in his mouth.  I debated a few different options, such as a Lego table (like this) or hacking my own version with an edge to prevent pieces falling onto the floor. But our bungalow is small and unfortunately, there was just no space for another play table (we already have this one).


Ack!  We needed a solution, since me, my boys, and insane amounts of Lego will have to co-habitate for years to come. We required a solution that would meet the following criteria:

  • prevent Lego pieces from falling all over the floor
  • be large enough for building on the surface
  • can be whisked out of sight/reach when not in use

Fast forward to Christmas, and my mother-in-law came to the rescue with this genius gift:

Designer Lego Tray

Over sized deep faux-croc tray +  15″x15″ Lego building plate = a “Designer” Lego tray

Stylish way to control overflowing Lego | Inspiration for Decor

Designer Lego Tray

Go ahead, roll your eyes. But let me tell you –this works great!  Not only does it keep the Lego mess contained, but we can easily move the toys from one room to another, or tuck it away under the sofa or our son’s bed. And the kiddo thinks its pretty cool.


Best of all, the Lego building plate can easily be removed and I can use the tray as a chic makeshift bar or serving tray. That is, as long as there is no major Lego City building underway.

DECORATING TIP: Trays are an essential accessory for any room in your house. Trays can be used to pull together an assortment of items for a “collected” look on a coffee table, to hold jewelry/perfume/photos/flowers/keepsakes on a beside or dressing table, for serving food and drinks, to corral magazines and books, and my favourite – to gather papers and junk when company is coming and you need to quickly stash it away.


Images: Dayna McCarthy for Inspiration for Decor

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