Spotted // Boho peacock headboard

There is a thrift store across the plaza from where we get our dog groomed and for the last two years I’ve been meaning to pop in.  I finally got around to it this month and oh boy did I score!

Peacock headboard, vintage find | Dayna McCarthy Interiors

$5 people.  That is a real score.

This style of head board is often referred to as a Peacock head board, in all its wicker glory.  So bohemian.  A fine vintage specimen and at that price I could not leave it for a second.  I rushed up to the counter and asked the sweet old lady to hold it for me while I ran home to get my wallet (she really didn’t understand my excitement).  Clearly they weren’t aware of how much these retail for!

Serena & Lily, $495Serena & Lily, $495

I think the natural wicker look is beautiful and combined with modern block print fabrics. They are also very cute sprayed in a bright cheerful colour. Or classic white. So many possibilities.

Growing up, I actually had a wicker head board (similar to the white one above).  I used to snap the scrolls off while laying in bed! Ha. I never would have guessed I’d be so happy to see one again.

I’m so eager to design a little girl’s room using the vintage head board I found. Contact me if you’re interested!



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