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Etsy Finds // Mid Century Candle Holders

This past Sunday I popped in at Hamilton’s The Vintage Marketplace with two girlfriends. The show had TONS of great vintage clothing  and a few housewares vendors.  Though I walked away empty-handed, I definitely found some inspiration!

One of the items that caught my eye were these black amethyst candle holders and vases:

Vintage black amethyst candle holders and vases via

The two in the middle are small fluted vases, the others are candle holders.  The vendor was selling both the taller vases and candle holders for $35 apiece which I thought was a little steep (since I’d want a pair), so I walked away.  But I really liked the graphic quality of the matted black glass so when I got home I checked out sites like Etsy and eBay. To my dismay, I found that Depression-era black amethyst glass isn’t too widely found, especially nothing like the items I passed over.  Sigh.  I’ll certainly keep my eyes open for something similar in the future, since I think they’d look great in a vignette on a shelf or mantle.

Anyway, while searching Etsy, I inevitably got side-tracked and found a bunch of really great vintage mid-century candle holders.  Just look at these sculptural beauties!

(click on pictures to link to original Etsy posting)

MCM candle holder

MCM candle holder

MCM candle holder

MCM candle holder

MCM candle holder

MCM candle holder

Pretty great, right? I love how each piece is like an object of art on its own.  They could sit on a dining table, sideboard, or even coffee table.  For my own home, my favourites are #3 and #4. What about you?



i heart etsy

I’ve said it before (like here and here) and I’ll say it again – Etsy is awesome.  If you are looking for original and unique art at an affordable price, Etsy is THE place to shop. When I go to Etsy, I get lost for hours (virtually of course).  Here are a few of my current favourites:



Ashmae (makes personalized watercolour portraits from photos)


Bomobob (33% off all prints now)


Peggy Wolf Design


Let me know if you have any favourite finds!


etsy addiction

Etsy should have a flashing pop-up to alert visitors of its addictive properties.  Seriously, someone needs to take my credit card away before things get out of hand.  My latest purchase was a vintage brass bird, termed a “Funky Brass Goose” by it’s seller.  I am normally not drawn to tchotchkes and the like, but you have to see this goose…..he was just too cute to pass up!

Now the big question: Where am I going to put him?  For now, that question remains unanswered. He’s been migrating from room to room looking for the perfect home.  When he finds his nest I’ll let you know.

Since we’re on the subject of Etsy, I might as well share the stories of a few other purchases.

This Radiohead quote was hung in my mini gallery wall in our foyer:

(You can read more about hanging a gallery wall here).


These gift tags made from old Dr. Seuss books made perfect “Thank you for coming” party favour tags for my son’s 1st birthday:


I bought these mod retro ABC blocks for my son. They came packaged in a darling little cotton drawstring bag, personalized with his name.  Not only was his name on the bag but the bocks were placed in a plastic sleeve in such a way to spell out his name.  How cute is that?  I was very impressed with this seller’s attention to detail and customer service.  Take note – a great baby gift!


Then there were these vinatge maps that I turned into a DIY collage for my son’s room:


What’s up next on my Etsy shopping list?  Likely throw pillows for the bedroom. Something along these lines…


In case I’ve inspired you do a little browsing (warning: browsing may lead to purchasing!), here’s the link:

Happy Shopping.



  1. Vintage brass goose from Bright Wall Vintage
  2. Radiohead print from The Big Harumph
  3. Dr.Seuss tags & vintage maps from Tanith’s Odds & Ends
  4. Mod retro blocks from Tiny Giraffe
  5. Pillows (clockwise from top left) 1- Willa Sky Home2- The Cottage Cupboard, 3-Sukan, 4- The Bolster Queen

[etsy] decor ideas for nurseries and little kid’s rooms

Hey Moms. I know time is precious when you have one or more lil’ munchkins running around so I thought I’d save you some time and do a round-up of some super cute and affordable decor items for the kiddos.

Etsy is such an excellent source for access to fresh, creative, inspiring, handmade items and art. If you aren’t a regular already, I hope this post will inspire you to browse the online market-space and sign up for an account.

First I’ll start with all things girly:

1. Wall decal – Windy Tree Fabric Reusable Decal  ($87.00 USD) by trendypeasdecals

2. Print – Small Map of Canada ($20.00 USD) by englishmuffinshop

3. Pillow – Baby Pink and White Zebra Print ($35.00 USD) by MiCasaBella

4.  Print – You are so loved ($8.00 USD) by  jessgonacha

5.  Pom poms -  ($4.00 USD) by orangekisses …..(psst- you can totally make these yourself, just Google it!)


And for the little men in our lives:

1. Mobile – Nova Baby Mobile, in Spectrum ($68.00 USD), by thewonderlandstudio

2. Prints (set of 4) – Royal Safari Nursery Print Set – Unframed ($92.00 USD) by LeoLittleLion

3. Bunting – Vintage Little Golden Book Bunting ($30.00 USD), by collectingfeathers

4. Wall decal – Baby Zoo Lion King ($49.00 USD), by  LeoLittleLion

5. Print – Personalized ‘Big Deal’ 11.5 x 11.5 Size ($25.00 USD), by pennypeople


And for you parents who want to keep things strictly gender neutral, I’ll have a post next week just for you.

If you’d like some help decorating your nursery/child’s room or want more decor advice, feel free to contact me!



1. Nursery for a baby girl

2. [inspiration board] Green & brown nursery

3. [diy] Where did I come from map?

Modern Karibou

what is black and white and starts with a ‘p’?

As a child, panda bears were my “favourite animal”. I had stuffed animals, posters, and books galore.  Remember when we used to write speeches in elementary school?  The only year I enjoyed doing that dreaded task was the year I wrote about pandas.  Many years later, they still top my list of fav animals.  What’s not to love?  Pandas are just so darn cute and [presumably] cuddly. And black and white – so chic!  Every time I see a fabulous panda print I ache to buy it, but at the risk of having a panda-filled home I haven’t indulged (yet).

Here are a couple panda prints I’ve been eying lately….

By Creative Thursday on Etsy

Avalisa wall art ( available through Modern Karibou ( in Canada

By Jessica Gonacha on Etsy

This last one isn’t a print but a letterpress card. How cute would this be for a baby card?

By Joie Studio on Etsy