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Spring Tulips


Spring Tulips | Inspiration for Decor

Just a quick post to say Hello and to wish you all a great LONG WEEKEND!!

I have some major clean-up to do in the yard, so I’m hoping we have a bit of sunshine. Though our garden is a mess, I found these gorgeous red tulips growing among the weeds.  Aren’t they lovely?

Since I’ve been “off” on maternity leave I’ve had a chance to photograph a few past projects, as well as work on a few new ones.  Starting next week, I’ll be posting several projects. I can’t wait to share them with you!





Done with Snow

About two weeks ago I was driving in town and passed a church billboard that read “TO THE PERSON WHO KEEPS PRAYING FOR SNOW – PLEASE STOP”.  I thought that was pretty funny.  But clearly the message didn’t get through.

March 12, 2014 snowstorm

I am normally a winter person but week after week of crazy cold weather and snow is wearing me down.  It’s March 12th and we’re experiencing another major snowstorm! Really, is anyone still enjoying this weather?

To lift my spirits I’ve started to think about our gardens and what we’ll need to do this Spring and Summer (they need major help).  While at the hairdressers last Saturday, I flipped through the April 2014 issue of Canadian Gardening (probably the first time I’ve looked at a gardening mag at the salon, normally it is celeb trash….am I getting old?).  Anyway, the issue had some good tips for sunny spots (basically our whole yard), so I picked up a copy to read in more depth.  I’m a bit out of my element with gardening, so will be calling in Mom-help soon.

I’m also researching the best smaller-scale trees because I’d like to add a bit of vertical interest next to our deck, while adding some shade. Let me know if you have any recommendations!  I’m pinning garden ideas here and might share some progress over the next few months, if you’re interested.

For now, bundle up, stay warm, and be careful on the roads!





Image: Dayna McCarthy for Inspiration for Decor

ficus lyrata for the home

A fiddle-leaf fig tree.

Don’t you think these fig trees add so much to the overall vibe of the rooms?  The ultra-large leaf is bold, organic, untamed, earthy. Just right.

This tropical plant is gaining in popularity, as I’ve seen it popping up more and more often in home decor.  So the question is – where can I find one? I’ve read they can be quite pricey at specialty nurseries but  I’ve also heard they can be found at Home Depot. Hmmm, doubtful in Canada but I am definitely going to look into it.

If you are interested in other hip house plants, check out this article from Elle Decor.

(images: 1-grant k gibson, 2-angie hranowsky, 3-emily henderson, 4-peter dunham, 3-the marion house book)


Last weekend while in Montreal, I came across a store with the coolest concept for indoor plants:

How it works: Flowerbox Gallery offers a selection of cardboard, ceramic, and stainless steel boxes, as well as specially sized plants and flowers to insert into the flowerboxes.  Then you hang it on your wall. Cool, eh?  Such a modern way to bring plants into your home! I can see this is a kitchen, a bathroom, a sunroom,…really the possibilities are endless.  I think a Flowerbox is especially brilliant  for apartment and condo dwellers where horizontal surfaces  space can be limited.

Every Flowerbox is totally customizable, from the box itself, to the plants you choose.  From succulents and moss, to mini orchids and peace lilies, they have just about anything you could imagine.  Depending on the plant(s) you choose, you would simply take the box off the wall to water, then re-hang.

Flowerbox Gallery is located at 440 rue St-Denis, Montreal. All other locations are in France.  Ok – so who will open a Toronto location for me?


(images: all by moi)