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Dollar Store Decor

Over the past few weeks I’ve seen a lot of beautiful gift wrapping around the web. Gorgeous Martha Stewart-like creations and lots of handmade-with-love gifts.  Inspired, I decided this year I would forgo the usual brightly coloured papers and sparkly bows in favour of a more subdued handcrafted look.  Kraft Paper, ribbon, and something….I just didn’t know what that something was.

I headed to the dollar store with my sister. She laughed at the Kraft Paper and scornfully asked if I was going to use twine too. Ha! Please. Dollarama has a lot of junk. And some really good finds.

I found these somewhat tacky tree decorations. Think lots of plastic and really fake looking leaves.  But they had potential. So I picked up a few berry sticks and a few sparkling gold sticks and took them home. Then ripped them apart.

Kraft Paper + satin ribbon + reassembled dollar store decorations =

Pretty and festive, don’t you think?!  I couldn’t find any leftover Christmas tags so I used these recycled BINGO tags I had purchased from an Etsy vendor (here). Somehow they still work.

1/2 my presents are wrapped. So much more to do tomorrow night!  In case I don’t get a chance to post again before the holidays,

Merry Christmas / Happy Hannukah / Best Wishes for 2012 to you ALL!

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Faking it With Candles

There is nothing better than a fresh cut tree brought into the home at Christmas time. That unmistakable  scent puts you in the holiday spirit with just one whiff.  The real downside of an artificial tree in my opinion, is that you miss out on that wonderful holiday smell.  But Bath and Body Works has come to the rescue!

“Holly Wreath” smells JUST like the REAL THING!  It’s awesome.  We’ve been burning it day and night.  Faking it with a candle and my nose and spirit can’t tell the difference!

I love many of Bath and Body Works’ candles (but not all – some are just gross – I guess it depends on your taste).  Their candles, unlike many others, actually give off a strong aroma and fill your home with a lovely scent.  I buy several of their candles seasonally. “Leaves” is my #1 fav, especially through the Fall and Winter.

All candles are currently on sale at Bath & Body Works (2 for $25 CDN), so make sure to pick up a couple while you’re out doing your last minute shopping (click here for locations in Canada).  Happy Holidays everyone!


decorating done

This weekend we finally went into our storage locker to pull out 4 Rubbermaid bins of Christmas decor. After digging through our collection, I decided on what would be appropriate for Christmas with a toddler (think non-breakable, colourful, and fun).

In years past, we always had a large real tree that I decorated just so, but this year we went with a small, condo size 4-foot, pre-lit, artificial tree that will eventually become the “kids tree”. Since the lights are multi-coloured, I used a few strands of red and gold beaded garland and dug out all my bright ornaments, most of which are cloisonne teapots, balls, and fish, as well as a few ornaments from when I was a kid. Overall it looks nice.  Not really my style, but it’s festive and it’ll do for this year.

And for the little man, I purchaed a small potted Norkfolk Pine  for his room.  The soft branches really can’t hold any weight so I attached just three gold balls with thread.  And I have run out of pots, so I simply wrapped the pot with a brown paper bag.  It is very cute… kind of like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.  He is also in love with a small blow-up tree that he’s been carrying around like its a stuffed animal.

Christmas is just two weeks away!  Do you have your decorating done?


blue + white holiday decor

Today I took a vacation day to indulge in a little “me time”.  Pre-lunch at Mercatto with my man and an afternoon at the spa, I treated myself to a belated birthday gift:

La-ti-da, I know. (So not like me)

Since I am really feeling the Tiffany blue + white today, and since it is December 1st (!), here’s some holiday inspiration for you:


I can’t believe December is here already!  Despite today’s post, I haven’t given Christmas a thought. Eeeek!

(images: 1-me, 2-pinterest, 3-style at home, 4-better homes & gardens, 5-better homes & gardens, 6-target, 7-better homes & gardens, 8-the lennox)