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Etsy Finds // Mid Century Candle Holders

This past Sunday I popped in at Hamilton’s The Vintage Marketplace with two girlfriends. The show had TONS of great vintage clothing  and a few housewares vendors.  Though I walked away empty-handed, I definitely found some inspiration!

One of the items that caught my eye were these black amethyst candle holders and vases:

Vintage black amethyst candle holders and vases via

The two in the middle are small fluted vases, the others are candle holders.  The vendor was selling both the taller vases and candle holders for $35 apiece which I thought was a little steep (since I’d want a pair), so I walked away.  But I really liked the graphic quality of the matted black glass so when I got home I checked out sites like Etsy and eBay. To my dismay, I found that Depression-era black amethyst glass isn’t too widely found, especially nothing like the items I passed over.  Sigh.  I’ll certainly keep my eyes open for something similar in the future, since I think they’d look great in a vignette on a shelf or mantle.

Anyway, while searching Etsy, I inevitably got side-tracked and found a bunch of really great vintage mid-century candle holders.  Just look at these sculptural beauties!

(click on pictures to link to original Etsy posting)

MCM candle holder

MCM candle holder

MCM candle holder

MCM candle holder

MCM candle holder

MCM candle holder

Pretty great, right? I love how each piece is like an object of art on its own.  They could sit on a dining table, sideboard, or even coffee table.  For my own home, my favourites are #3 and #4. What about you?



Spotted // Chippendale Chairs

Spotted: Chinese Chippendale chairs sitting outside my favourite antique shop.

Four chairs at $60 apiece (prices always negotiable), so I probably could have had the set for $200. I was THIS CLOSE to snapping them up to bring them home for a fresh coat of paint and new seat cushions à la Jonathan Addler–

JA chippendale side chair

Jonathan Addler

The Jonathan Addler chairs retail for $550 each. Versus $60 each for my vintage find.  I’m kinda regretting leaving them there on the sidewalk….


finding treasures in the rubble

Two weekends ago a girlfriend and I headed West of the city to do some thrifting at a flea market-slash-antique fair.  Did we see lots of crusty old stuff?  Oh yes! But amongst the rubble of old paperbacks, VHS tapes, bottles, and knick-knacks, we did come across a few gems which I wanted to share with you today.

For those of you who occasionally hit up the local Goodwill store or local flea market in search of a diamond in the rough, you know that you have to go in with an open mind. And a good imagination.

When I spotted this gold patterned teapot with creamer and sugar pot I though “oh so chic!”. Totally Hollywood glamour.  The bottom was stamped MADE IN ENGLAND but there was no price tag and no stall-owner to be found.

I knew I had seen this tea set somewhere else and after wracking my brain for awhile, I remembered I had seen the exact set in an apartment I posted about a while ago (see more of the stunning apartment here):

Here’s a close up of the tea set in action:

The next gem to catch my eye was this black chandelier.  It was hung high up in the rafters but I suspect it was originally brass that had been spray painted:

I thought it looked very similar to a couple chandeliers I have saved away in my inspiration files. Like this one by Michael Penney, formerly of Canadian House and Home. [on a side note, I am very sorry to hear that he is leaving the magazine.]

Or this black statement chandelier, in the home of Emma Redington (recently featured in the Canadian House & Home Makeover special issue):

This next deal was a decent one I thought – $5 for the pair of these orb candlestick holders.

Perfect for a mantle, a bookcase, flanking either side of a console or buffet, they’d fit right into a more traditional decor.  You could leave ‘em gold, or spray paint them black.  Either way they are very reminiscent of the new line of chandeliers carried at Restoration Hardware:

So what did I walk away with? Stupidly, not any of the items above, but I did pick up a couple of these vintage Crown canning jars which I thought would be perfect for dry goods, or flowers, or maybe a DIY….

Have you had any recent success thrifting?

(images: 1-me, 2-style at home, 3-world according to jesscia claire, 4-me, 5-michael penney, 6-marion house book, 8-me, 9-restoration hardware,