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Ombre Dresser Makeover

I’ve got a project to share with you today! I am no DIY’er but this one was fairly easy and I love the results.  I started with an old dresser that hadn’t been painted or updated since yours truly was an infant and gave it an ombre paint makeover. Not exactly an original idea (just Google “ombre dresser”) but super duper cute for a toddler!

But first, for those not in the know — What is ombre?

om·bré (adjective \ˈäm-ˌbrā\) : having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark

Cool?  Let’s move on.

Let’s start with the original “Before”:

How 80′s is that room?!  I love that my Mom was channeling Candice Olsen thirty years ago and hung a pendant lamp over a side table.

The dresser wasn’t in bad shape.  When my Mom painted it years ago she used a melamine and it really held up to years of usage by both my sister and I.  That said, the white was yellowed. You can’t really see the discolouration in the photo below, but in our son’s room next to white trim and a white IKEA bookcase there was definitely a yellow hue.

Since it was melamine paint, I gave the whole thing a light sanding prior to priming with a product intended to be used on top of glossy surfaces.  I used a water-based BEHR Primer & Sealer and it did the trick.  Another light sanding, then the entire frame and door received two coats of Benjamin Moore’s Advance paint in Cloud White.  It was my first time using BM’s Advance line and I have to say it is was nice to work with. It has a self-leveling property so paint strokes melt away as the paint sets and it has a nice hard finish.  I waited a whole week in between coats, only because I ran out of time the weekend I started the project, but 24 hours should have been fine.

My colour gradient was based on another key element in our son’s room -his bed- which is painted BM’s Hudson Bay (CC-810).  [His bed will also be revealed shortly!]  I simply took the colour strip containing Hudson Bay (bottom drawer) and asked for the next two colours on the strip: Blue Nose (CC-800) and Polar Sky (CC-790).  There is a pretty big difference between the latter two so I mixed my own in-between colour to be sandwiched between them.  Each drawer  received two coats of regular BM paint.  Because I didn’t want a whole can of each colour, I purchased 3 sample tins at $7.50 each. Way less $$ than buying a new dresser, right?

A new pull from Home Depot and ta-da! a fresh blue and white ombre dresser for my little man.

So what do you think? Would you dare to go ombre in your home?

Or go ombre with your hair?!