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Instagramming // For Real This Time

inspirationfordecor on Instagram

I have about 5 posts in draft and lots of ideas swimming in my head.  But it’s SUMMER and its hard to spend time in front of the computer screen, you know?!  So hold tight, I do have some meatier posts coming up.

In the meantime, join me on Instagram (@inspirationfordecor) for daily doses of INSPIRATION…


Instagramming // March

March snapshots via Instagram | Inspiration for Decor

1/  Hello climate change.  When is Spring going to arrive?

2/  I’m a design blogger, of course I have a fiddle leaf fig.  Two years in and he’s still alive and thriving.  He seems to sprout new leaves about once every 8 months and we have 5 leaves sprouting now!  My recipe for success:  stick pot in a sunny location and water once a week. Sometimes I forget and he goes two weeks without water…but he seems pretty forgiving.  People are funny about their figs, here is another fig story.

3/ Our main bathroom used to look like this but function trumped form.  This is our main bath and we needed storage and counter space.   I am not loving the chrome knobs even though they match the rest of the chrome finishes.  I’m going to replace them with darker oil-rubbed bronze knobs, to tie in the dark accent tile.

4/ These pretty agate pulls are on sale at West Elm.  Perhaps a bit too delicate for cabinets used regularly, but lovely nonetheless.

March snapshots via Instagram | Inspiration for Decor
















5/ Thinking about one of these Capiz orb pendants for our dining room…

6/ A $5 pick-me-up that lasted almost two weeks.  Now if only these would start sprouting outside!

7/ I’m always on the hunt.  I spotted these wood + iron industrial stools, perfect for a friend who was hunting for stools for a higher-than-standard bar height counter.  Found at In House, one of my favourite interiors stores here in Burlington.  A similar stool at a lower price-point (same style but not quite as solid), can be found at Urban Barn.

8/  A sneak-peak of my son’s nursery.  I have a few mini projects to complete then I’ll share photos.  Hopefully next month!


Instagramming // February

Did you notice I gave the blog a little face lift?  For those who follow along via email or Reader, check out my blog home page to see the fresh new design (including links to Inspiration for Decor on Facebook and Pinterest).

We are inundated with social media these days.  Everyone is on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc., etc., and if you’re not you might feel you’re totally missing out.  Or maybe not.  Maybe you are spending quality time AWAY from the computer/smartphone/iPad screen. If that’s the case, good on you!  I’m certainly guilty of spending too much time on Pinterest. It is such a source of inspiring ideas and photos!  But I don’t spend time on Twitter. I don’t get it. Am I the only one?

Anyway, I’ve been using Instagram for a long time, but mostly for personal family photos. Like bathtub snapshots and crazy monster faces and sweet sleeping baby moments.  Stuff I don’t really want to put out on the web.  So rather than link to my Instagram account from this blog, I’ll just post some of my interiors-related photos from time to time. You know, to give a little glimpse of what’s going on ’round these parts.
February Instagrams

1/ It’s hard to find a double sink vanity under 60″, this one is nice but probably too modern for the project.

2/ Shopping for toilets – life is glamorous! This one has great lines and fits a tight budget.

3/ Love my new dishes. Now that I have the basics, next up are these pretty bowls.

4/ Freshly painted cabinet for a nursery project. Thank you Paint It Like New!





P.S. This perspective on Instagram made me laugh (language rated R). Make sure to read the Comments too.